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Suspending Structures
Body Harness

Eleonora Dall`Asta

Body Harness & Suspension Works

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About Me

"I mainly work with movement in suspension, abandoned objects and site specific performance.

My methodology to approach movement comes from the space itself, its shapes, patterns, elements, architecture, nature, and is based on actions like: watching/imaging/describing/reinterpreting/moving and lots of research on improvisation, especially with harness work.

I tend to contemplate how materials, bodies and surroundings transform in suspension and assume other roles working with everything that is in a space without having an expectation and noticing how all “becomes”.

Recently on my latest works I am approaching performance through installation as a way to alter the perception and to embrace participatory actions toward an inclusive culture."


is an Italian aerial artist based in Panamá who has been raised up in Latin America since an early age. She held a BA Honors degree in Contemporary Circus from the National Circus School in England (Circus Space) a Master in Contemporary Circus from DOCH University of the Arts in Stockholm, and a Degree in Media and Communication from the  USMA University of Panama.


She founded the contemporary Circus collective LA TRIBU Performance in 2002 and since then they have been producing commercial and independent work.

During the last 10 years they have been awarded with the Iberescena found 5 times and 1 time with the Caixa Cultural fund from Brazil.


Her solo work has toured several countries in America and Europe where she often collaborates with Ilmatila Company in Finland.

Her last solo piece “MATMO” was shown in Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and Panama.


Eleonora is the director of El Cuarto Rojo, the first circus space/studio in Panama where she teaches aerial and circus disciplines since 2012, and she is also the director of Panama Aérea and Plataforma Circo, 2 labs that aim to explore research and development into creation across a diverse range of circus disciplines.

Recent Works

If you would like to see previous works you can click here.


Director and Performer: Eleonora Dall`Asta

Sound Design: Hara Alonso

Músics: Hara Alonso/ Julián Osvaldo Díaz/ 

Premiere: Prisma Contemporary Dance Festival / October 2019


Link trailer “MATMO”



Matmo comes from the words "materialism" and "monster". This piece talks about how the aerial body, the space and common objects interact and transform, as well as their sound; if it is true that all aspects of the mind are the result of material interactions, what make us the objects and spaces with which we relate? There is a close look at what we discard, what is abandoned, what is not important, the routine of looking something so many times that we just stop caring about it. Illusion becomes a focal point like that gift that human beings have to believe in what is not visible but that somehow helps us to stay alive.

Available for Bookings / for the whole family / indoor / site-specific

Age  recommendation: +3

Language: non-verbal

Duration: 30 minutes


Director and Performer: Eleonora Dall`Asta

Premiere: Awarded from FEC  (Fundación Espacio Creativo) for the artistic residencies "Residencias Mínimas" / January 2021

Link trailer “TRAVESÍA”



"Travesía" is a performative and interactive installation in which the main objective was to CROSS THE SPACE, building a living structure that could give life to other multiple spaces where before there was only emptiness; a structure that moves and moves us. Humans have always traveled and built, and the way we do it defines many aspects of our being.


Choreographic Directors and Performers: Eleonora Dall`Asta and Ana María Suárez


External eye and Sound Director: Jonathan Valdivieso


Premiere: Prisma International Contemporary Dance Festival/ Panamá/ October 2021



When we reach the limits of what is possible, the impossible arises. In this piece horizontal suspension and live sound created through sensors merge; the living moment of "now" is explored and how attachment and detachment towards another person is perceived through sound. "Tight" contains in its definition meanings such as dense, compact, narrow, sometimes When we are very close to something for a long time, that something becomes familiar and we get used to abnormality. The space becomes any place as two bodies seek the action of the counterweight to find harmony, balance and just the opposite. Matter is decontextualized, the sound environment becomes physical and images are affirmed  and built without borders, frames or limits.

Available for Bookings / for the whole family / indoor / site-specific

Age  recommendation: +3

Language: non-verbal

Duration: 25 minutes


Choreographic Directors and Performers: Eleonora Dall`Asta and Ana María Suárez

External eye : Ilona Jäntti

Premiere: National Theatre/ Panamá/ May 2023


Residencies: La Central del Circ (Barcelona); Cirko (Helsinki)



Temporary Landscapes

The work focuses on working with harness and counterweights and explore the scenography that consists of huge sheets of recycled fabric.

The performers manipulate the fabric throughout the performance creating a series of changing images that resemble different landscapes and weather conditions.

During the performance everything is constantly morphing visually: vertical turns to horizontal, lines become surfaces and one fleeting moment leads to another.

For the whole family indoor 

Age  recommendation: +3

Language: non-verbal

Duration: 45 minutes


Choreographic Director and Performer: Eleonora Dall`Asta 

Sound Designer : Hara Alonso

Premiere work in progress: Panamá/ August 2022


Residencies: Historias Mínimas (Espacio Creativo) / Prisma Festival de Danza  Contemporánea y Fundación Gramo Danse ( PASIONARIA Laboratorio de danza teatro)

Link trailer “SOFT”



A piece with elements of performance and installation that uses recycled objects and a structure to think about a body who modifies its shape.

Through common materials, imposing visuals emerge illustrating the imagery of the observer and giving life to indefinite figures.

"Soft" pretends to research what moves inside and persists outside as a way of savoring "the shape" on its way through this life.

For the whole family / outdoor and indoor 

Age  recommendation: +3

Language: non-verbal

Duration: 25 minutes

Suspended Structures

Suspended Structures are the result of a constant research on space, materialism and society.

Particular attention is paid to “the void” as an unbuilt space ready to be filled with things, ropes, bodies, movements, and materials.

Most of those Performative installations are commissions made for particular spaces or places in which big "spiderwebs" are assembled to connect points in the void and so the invisible turns visible .

The Structures with objects are built on a counter balance condition, many of those objects come from trash, trash is part of our society, suspending objects is like to suspend society.

The focus on suspending objects is intended to watch how they transform and become something else during suspension, and so does the body along the interaction.   Video link

The focus on suspending objects is intended to watch how they transform and become something else during suspension, and so does the body along the interaction.

Body Harness
Movement Practice

It is a practice that aims to discover movement from suspension.

This practice has a floor and an aerial training with harnesses in which every kind of body, with or without knowledge can initiate to move freely on diverse “surfaces”; the focus is on basic harness technique and improvisation exercises inspired by our surroundings (nature and architecture /shapes/structures/textures/ proportions).

Through this training the body understands the aerial space and tries to articulate a dialogue from there.

Further on improvisations can be fully suspended, half suspended, inverted, with objects and with floor work (vertical floor/ a technique that explores the combination between harness work and floor technique).

In any case we always work “suspension” in all its shades having in mind that all movement is good, and all bodies are diverse.

This way to think movement makes people perceive their motion as unique and made from everything they see/touch/imagine  transforming the body and generating instant movement.

BODY HARNESS MOVEMENT PRACTICE is suitable for every kind of people from movement artists  or practitioners, dancers, vertical dancers or people that has curiosity about this method.

Workshops are available for Movement, Vertical Dance or Contemporary Dance festivals , Labs or Schools.

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Other Practices



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JAN 26 / 2024

Transversal Festival, Panamá



MARCH 16 / 2024

Macrofest junto a Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Panamá, Panamá.



MARCH 22-23 / 2024

Madetoja Hall, Oulu, Finland.

Info & tickets

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MAY 13 to 17 / 2024

Compañía de Teatro Físico, Lima, Perú.



June 26 and 27 / 2024

TRENGO Festival de Circo de Porto, Portugal.


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